Museu Carlos Machado birds

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Museu Carlos Machado birds

Part 1.


The Carlos Machado Museum can be found in central Ponta Delgada, São Miguel. The museum has a Natural History part containing a number of birds, both foreign as well as birds collected in the Azores. Rare birds collected in the Azores have been photographed and are presented in this list. Many birds are very old and in a rather poor condition. They are presented here as they are listed even if, in a few cases, the identification can be discussed. Only a wrongly identified Charadrius alexandrinus (listed as Ch. dubius) has been excluded. The non-migrating Edible-nest Swiftlet Collocalia fuciphaga that was collected over a hundred years ago is listed here, but is not accepted on the lists of Birds in the Azores.

The birds in the museum were all photographed by Staffan Rodebrand in 2009 and 2010.


For more information about the museum we recommend the following link:

Museu Carlos Machado - Azores gov

For any ornithological matter concerning the museum, please contact Conservador João Paulo A. S. Medeiros Constância.


There are two lists at the museum describing the collection of birds collected on the Azores:


Lista de Aves do Museu Carlos Machado. Ponta Delgada, 2009.

Contains 1714 listed birds of which 244 concerns rare species collected on the Azores. Birds in the museum list are numbered; here LAMCM2009-1 to LAMCM2009-1714.

Lista das Aves do ”Museu Carlos Machado” . Capturadas nos AÇORES, mas que neles não nidificam.

Old typewritten list of birds collected on the Azores covering bird collected up to late 1964. Includes 212 birds where 209 can be found in the list from 2009, plus 3 birds which now are missing in the museum. Furthermore there are a number of older specimens mentioned by Bannerman and earlier visitors to the museum which now seem to be missing and not counted for in the existing museum lists. This is probably due to specimen lost in the traffic of loans to institutes, schools etc. outside the museum. Birds in this list are numbered; here OldAMCM1- to OldAMCM1628. A few are unnumbered; here OldAMCMx.



Staffan Rodebrand,